Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival

Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival

I will participate in the 2012 edition of the Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival. Together with 9 other artists, I will create a large size painting in public for one of the 30 Billboards placed in the center of Viborg, Denmark.

Between June 1 st and June 17 th The Workshop will take place. In public 10 international artist are creating 10 new billboard paintings. After this year workshop 30 large billboard painting in total are featured all painted by international artists. The paintings are placed in center of Viborg and makes for a great walk around the city with the old city, the cathedral, the lakes and the shopping streets.













More information:

Panorama view of the square:

At the same time there is a exhibition at Gallery NB, Viborg Denmark.
Billboard Painters Exhibition
09-06-2012 t/m 11-08-2012

Frederik Lindskov     Danmark
Hugo Tieleman        Holland
Külli Suitso                 Estland
Marjolijn de Wit        Holland
Romain Bernini         Frankrig
Sonoko Mitsui            Japan
Toon Berghahn          Holland
Yannick Lambelet     Schweiz
Marius Martinussen Norge

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